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2 Rowell Street Morwell VIC 3840.

Phone: 03 5134 2060

Fax: 03 5134 5382

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Welcome to St Vincent de Paul - a primary school with a fifty year history of providing quality education in a safe and secure setting. Our school is highly regarded, known for its warm environment underpinned by our motto
“Learn with Love”

Every day is open day at St Vincents. We are proud to show visitors around our spacious and comfortable facilities, to experience firsthand the warm atmosphere, and to see our students enjoying their learning.

To arrange a visit, please speak with one of our staff. Enrolments are taken between April and September via an appointment with our Principal.
Our phone number is 5134 2060.


With a strong belief in education being a partnership between home and school, families and staff work cooperatively to provide the best possible educational outcomes for our children.  We pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly, caring learning community with an emphasis on (i) Religious education and spiritual growth (ii) High quality learning and standards (iii) Wellbeing.  The facilities at our school are outstanding - our classrooms are modern, attractive and comfortable, our playground is well designed to cater for a broad range of play and leisure activities.  We are a Catholic school, and many non-Catholic families also choose St Vincent's, wanting to provide their children with an excellent education in a Christian environment.

All staff hold high expectations of students and encourage them to do their best.  We continually promote respect, and help children to develop self discipline.  Supporting youngsters to acquire the skills and Christian values to become reflective thinkers, and people of justice and peace is a major aim of St Vincent's school.  We want our students to develop passion for learning throughout life!

"I love being a student at St Vincent's school because we have great teachers."  When I ask senior students what they most like about coming to St Vincent's school, this is a common response.

I invite you to browse our website to find out more about our great school - we are very proud of it!  You are most welcome to come and visit us too - please phone 51342060 to arrange for one of our staff to show you around.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Teresa Greenough



After a number of visits to local primary schools, it was St Vincent de Paul Catholic school's overwhelming sense of community, friendliness, morals and values which drew me to them. Their 'Learn with Love' motto is not simply a slogan, but a practice and an ethic that encompasses all that they do with our children. The Catholic values and morals have drawn my children into a world of kindness and selflessness, teaching them how to be the best they can be which is reflected in the high standards and abilities of our teachers. I love St Vincent's sense of community and family and am in constant awe of the high calibre of education my children receive and the teacher's willingness to work with me as a parent, on all levels. I sincerely believe that our family, and our role in the community, is all the richer because of our involvement in St Vincent's Primary School.

(Nicole, parent)