About us

With a strong belief in education being a partnership between home and school, families and staff work co-operatively to provide the best possible educational outcomes for our children. We pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly, caring learning community with an emphasis on;

  1. Religious education and spiritual growth
  2. High quality learning and standards
  3. Wellbeing

The facilities at our school are outstanding - our classrooms are modern, attractive and comfortable, our playground is well designed to cater for a broad range of play and leisure activities.  

We are a Catholic school located in the Morwell Parish, and many non-Catholic families also choose St Vincent's, wanting to provide their children with an excellent education in a Christian environment.

The St. Vincent’s community value the following School Wide Expectations:


We respect ourselves, our school and each other.


We are responsible for our own behaviours and actions.


We are resilient in our behaviours, thoughts and actions.


We use safe language and practice safe behaviours