2020 Staff 

Employer - Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL)

Priests –  Father James Fernandez and Father Solomon Okeh



Principal – Mrs Teresa Greenough

Deputy Principal – Mrs Vanessa Couling

Curriculum, Collectives & Religious Education Leader – Miss Kate Mitchell

Learning Leader – Miss Kristie Smith

Learning & WSAPBS Leader – Mr Jamie Pistrin

Learning Adjustment Leader – Mrs Kerrie Jenkin

Religious Education Co-ordinator – Mrs Angela Darling

Occupational Health & Safety Leader – Mr Cameron Greenslade


Classroom Teachers

Foundation (Prep) – Mrs Teresa Calafiore

Foundation (Prep) – Mrs Helen Watson

1 – Miss Smith / Mrs Louise Meade

1 – Mr Travis Dubaich

2 – Mrs Tamille Francolino

3 – Miss Stephanie Castello

3 – Mr Cameron Greenslade

4 – Mrs Kerrie Jenkin

5 – Mrs Jessica Johnson

5 – Miss Kate Mitchell

6 – Mr Jamie Pistrin

Support Teacher – Mrs Julia Amaira

Support Teacher – Mrs Kathy Burslem

Support Teacher –Mrs Louise Meade

Support Teacher – Mrs Kathy Monacella

Support Teacher – Mrs Charley Petrou


Specialist Teachers

LOTE (Junior Italian) – Mrs Julia Amaira

LOTE (Senior Italian) – Miss Stephanie Castello

The Arts – Miss Fiona Bell

Science – Mrs Angela Darling

Music – Mr Cameron Greenslade

Health & Physical Education – Miss Kristie Smith



School Reception – Mrs Sonia Marino

School Bursar – Mrs Alison Answer

Library Aide – Mrs Bronwyn Connolly


Learning Support

Mrs Kerrie Birrell

Mrs Maryke Day

Mrs Jennifer Jackson

Ms Suzi Knowles

Mrs Enza Patterson

Miss Olivia Portelli

Mrs Nicole Salmela

Mrs Sandra Stevenson

Mrs Sonia Stockdale

Mrs Gwen Sykes