Religious Education

St Vincent’s Primary School exists as a Catholic institution to meet the spiritual needs of the growing child. Our religious education program is designed to develop the faith of each child. Each child is instructed in prayer, scripture, religious knowledge, morals and church tradition. We follow the Religious Education Curriculum ‘To Live in Christ Jesus’.

Catholic children are prepared through a school and home‑based program in consultation with the Parish for the following sacraments:

Grade 3      Reconciliation

Grade 4      Eucharist

Grade 6      Confirmation

The Sacraments are seen as parish celebrations and so our school works closely with other groups to make these celebrations an important part of the parish liturgical calendar. Parents are encouraged to be fully involved in the religious education programs including the liturgical celebrations. 

Our school Masses are celebrated throughout the year at the St Vincent de Paul Church and some larger Masses are celebrated at Sacred Heart Church. There are numerous occasions we come together and have whole school Masses including; beginning and end of the school year and special feast days. There are also class masses throughout the term, please see our newsletter for specific dates.

Our liturgies are joy opportunities to celebrate as a community.  We use music as a feature of our celebrations and one of our great resources is the work of Andrew Chinn.  We have developed a wonderful friendship with this international superstar and we enjoy his visits to our school.  Take a look at an interview conducted with Andre during this most recent visit.