UPDATE: 4.00pm Monday 18th July

We have just concluded a 4.00pm site meeting with the contractors.

They anticipate that they will have completed the work and be in a position to reconnect the power supply without the next few hours.

It is highly unlikely that there will be any issues so they have advised that we can communicate to staff and families that we can all return to school tomorrow.

Can I thank everyone for their flexibility and patience as we dealt with this unplanned outage which has been so inconvenient.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

David Cooper

UPDATE: 3.30pm Monday 18th July

The electrical issue has addressed and we anticipate that the supply can be reconnected by 4pm.

Once we know that we have electricity across the school we will communicate this to families.

UPDATE: 9.55am Monday 18th July

The electrical issue has not be rectified and we have no timeline to when it will be fixed.

Thank you so much to the staff and families who have been able adjust due to this unplanned inconvenience.

We have managed to supervise the early collection of students and are now reaching out to families who still have children onsite to inform them of the situation.

Further updates will be provided later in the day once we have been advised by the relevant trades.

Monday 18th July 8.55am:

We have a significant electrical supply issue onsite.  We have been advised to close today.  If possible please keep your children at home.  Any children onsite can be collected.

We have NO power.

We have NO PHONE.

This is the location where any immediate Emergency Management & Critical Incident Information will be posted.  In the case of a significant event the school will take direct instruction from the Diocese of Sale:Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL) and the Department of Education and Training Victoria (DET), including information about the school bus routes.  The Emergency Victoria online platform will also be a key source of information.  The social media platforms of the school will be used a secondary source.

We recommend the following links:

DOSCEL www.ceosale.catholic.edu.au

DET https://education.vic.gov.au/

Emergency Victoria https://emergency.vic.gov.au/