Emergency Management Update #1 - Thursday 15th February 7.00am

All site services have been restored - School will operate as per normal.  Our Patch have confirmed they will also be operational as planned.


Emergency Management Update #4 - Wednesday 14th February 3.30pm

Our thoughts go out to families and workplaces that are experience stress and difficulties due to the storm damage from last night.  I appreciate that everyone has been impacted in some way and I know we all share the frustration around not having a time-line for the return of services.

Presently the school site does not have power, water or communication.  The water issue was initially thought to be due to the infrastructure at the school but it seems that there is a Gippsland Water system issue effecting the local area.  Without these services the school will remain closed.

We have the capacity to have staff onsite to recommence school on Thursday if we have these services, though it would be advisable for families to pre-plan for the school to be closed.

Once we have a definite decision we will communicate this to families and staff, either this evening or tomorrow morning.

In regards to "Our Patch" we will continue to update them and their status will be the same of the school.  Parents accessing before and after school care will need to be looking out for communications from Our Patch.

UPDATE: 11.00am Wednesday 14th February

Emergency Management Update #3

At present the school site does not have power, water or communication facilities.  This situation has deemed it necessary to close the school.  

We presently have no clear information to when the power and the other utilities will be restored.  The school will need to remain closed during this time.

Further information will be distributed to families as soon as it is known.  We are aware that many households have inconsistent access to power and network coverage so please reach out to other families who you think may not be perceiving communications.

Please take care and be safe.

UPDATE: 7.00am Wednesday 14th February

Due to no power and restricted services on site we have been advised to close the school for today Wednesday 14th February.

David Cooper

UPDATE: 6.00am Wednesday 14th February

We currently have no power and restricted services on site.

We MAY have to cancel school for today.

An additional message will be sent once we have confirmation of the decision.

David Cooper

This is the location where any immediate Emergency Management & Critical Incident Information will be posted.  In the case of a significant event the school will take direct instruction from the Diocese of Sale:Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL) and the Department of Education and Training Victoria (DET), including information about the school bus routes.  The Emergency Victoria online platform will also be a key source of information.  The social media platforms of the school will be used a secondary source.

We recommend the following links:

DOSCEL www.ceosale.catholic.edu.au

DET https://education.vic.gov.au/

Emergency Victoria https://emergency.vic.gov.au/