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New School Beanies

We are very excited to announce that the student leadership team have assisted in organising new school beanies to sell to our school community. These can now be purchased at $15 each via CDFPAY and we will distribute them to the children next week. Thank you for your support ?

New School Beanies


Mother's Day Stall

Reminder: Mother's Day Stall ($5 per gift) on Friday 6th May

Mother's Day Celebration

Just a reminder that all families are welcome to attend our Mother's Day Liturgy tomorrow.

Tuesday 3rd May 2.30pm in the Church

The current COVIDSafe settings do not require school visitors to show their proof of vaccination when attending this event.

RATs for Weeks 6-8

RATs have been distributed to children today so please check the bottom of those school bags!

Reminder: Food Order

Good Morning Everyone - Just a reminder that Food Orders for Friday are due this morning.  Thanks to the volunteers coordinating this event.

Student Vaccination Update

Student Vaccination Requirements for School Activities Held at External Premises

Clarification has been provided by the Victorian Government regarding the participation of students aged between 12 and 15 who are not fully vaccinated in school activities held at external premises.

Students 12 to 15 years of age DO NOT need to be double vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend school-organised camps, excursions, graduations and other school activities held at open premises that are also used by other schools or patrons from Tuesday 23 November 2021.

This exception to the current directions will apply only to school-organised activities when at least one teacher is present.

Cancellation of grade 3/4 Camp and Junior Swimming

In line with the government regulations the 2021 grade 3/4 camp has been cancelled.

The Junior swimming program has also been cancelled.

Thank you